The Single Property Landlord 

This property had been managed and maintained by various letting agents over a period. Due to several less than perfect tenants the property had become very tired and progressively more difficult to let. 
The landlord was thinking of selling the property and cutting her losses. 
Following our intervention, the landlord now receives market rent every month without fail. An added benefit is we deal with any queries from the occupant and in most cases can deal with any issues directly without any hassle for the landlord. 

The Professional Landlord 

The professional or Corporate Landlord can also benefit from our service. 
We have landlords with multiple properties who benefit from not having to deal with the day-to-day management of properties. 
Many landlords choose to hand over the property to a management agent. In many cases this works fine. But when things start to go wrong it can get very expensive. 
Agents do not like spending time chasing voids and short fall payments, and in most cases charge for each visit. There is also the risk if the tenant is chased too hard, they will just up and leave. In most cases leaving the property at the very least in need of decoration. If any repairs are required things can get very expensive very quickly! 
The Landlord of this property now receives his rent on time every month without any of the above issues and has since placed more of his properties in our hands. 

Landlords, would you like Guaranteed rent? 

Guaranteed rent 
No voids 
Long term let 
No legal fees 
No hassle or worries 

Talk to us! 

Book a call with platform Properties today to see how we can help deliver guaranteed rental income for your property portfolio. 
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