Letting out your property can be quite demanding and time consuming unless you have a large company with trained staff to carry the load.  
This is where we come in. 
One of the main reasons landlords come to Platform is for the total peace of mind that is provided by our Guaranteed Rent service. We enable you to step back from the coal face and enjoy the fruits of your labour while we deal with the everyday running of your property. You can relax in the knowledge that you will receive your rent on time every month letting us take all the hassle. 

How it works... 

In simple terms we become your tenant. Given the choice if asked most landlords would prefer to have professional / business tenants for obvious reasons, not least of which is reliability and accountability. 
With Platform you are working with a professional tenant 100% of the time as your contract is between you and us! 
Being a Guaranteed Rent Landlord, you will have No Void Periods, No Rent Arrears, No Commission, No Set up Fees and No Hidden Extras. We will deal with the tenants, and in have contract periods to suit all needs. 

Questions? Want to know more? 

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page 

Talk to us! 

Book a call with platform Properties today to see how we can help deliver guaranteed rental income for your property portfolio. 
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